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We at GRK Group, understand our role as an agent of development for the communities we serve. While our business is the primary means of bringing this about, the need to reach out to people who are not a part of the mainstream, requires a different approach. With this in mind, we set up GRK Foundation to carry out the corporate social responsibility activities. Since 2015, we have been setting aside 1% of our profits every year, for the activities of our Foundation.

          GRK Foundation's activities are primarily focused on creating sustainable livelihoods, education of the underprivileged and highway trauma care. We have set for ourselves the target of creating one million sustainable livelihoods by 2017 with 60% of the beneficiaries being women. Going forward, we would support inclusive and integrated models to strengthen livelihood security and increase focus on skill development through vocational training. We would also like to increase our outreach to the differently-abled and the most vulnerable youth through better access to quality education.


          Our focus is on achieving these goals through a programmatic and research based approach which aims to measure and maximizes the impact of various projects. We aim to partner with reputed non-governmental organizations, government agencies and like-minded corporate towards furthering this objective.


          Our vision is to be one of the most respected corporate foundations in the country excelling in project management and contributing significantly to create factors responsible for sustainable livelihoods.

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